Monday, 21 March 2011

NLP - Neuro-linguistic programmimg

NLP is the study of what and how we think, and what and how we communicate. The art of being in control of one's feelings is crucial to everyone.

Imagine how that will benefit you; at work, at home, at college, in your relationship. Imagine now your life being transformed, being more satisfying, more rewarding, and more fulfilling. Imagine your goals being achieved, easily and quickly, and all from the power of your own mind.

Imagine the ways you will benefit from NLP Life and/or Business Coaching......

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Sunday, 6 March 2011

National no-smoking day - Wednesday 9th March 2011

Ash Wednesday, 9th March 2011, is national no-smoking day, so there is an added incentive to give up the habit for good. Stopping smoking using NLP and hypnosis is a lot easier than you may think. My aim is to preserve the good feeling you get from a cigarette - you wouldn't do it unless there was something enjoyable about it - but getting that good feeling without needing a cigarette to get it!

Patches and nicotine chewing gum don't do that. Why replace a smoking habit with an equally expensive chewing gum habit? Why not just quit, easily and quickly, and still feel good?