Tuesday, 20 December 2011

New year's resolution - time to stop smoking?

Why do people smoke?

Most people smoke because they enjoy it. Even if they do not particularly like the taste and smell, they have come to associate smoking with a particular good feeling – commonly one of relaxation, or just a bit of “me time”. Over time, the subconscious mind comes to believe that the only way the pleasant feeling can be achieved is via a cigarette. 

Oddly enough, the only drug in a cigarette is the insecticidal alkaloid nicotine, which actually has a slightly stimulant effect. So how can this stimulant drug apparently cause relaxation in so many people? The truth is that it does not. Something else is going on here. The mind is playing tricks on itself! This is where hypnotherapy can help. We need to re-program the mind and the thinking process around tobacco.