Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year resolution time (again!)

There's something about the start of a new year that sets the mind, or part of it at least, towards doing something differently, or better, or maybe not at all during that coming year. Sadly, most of the resolutions made so solemnly on January 1st are long gone and forgotten by the end of the same month. 

So how can you stay motivated? What is the solution for resolutions! I believe the clue is in the word - resolve. Maybe if we chose to solve something properly in the first place we wouldn't need to re-solve it later? 

People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily. Zig Zigler
This is how to make it work. It is very important that you have a clear idea of what it is you want to achieve. A clear idea means that you can visualise it - actually see in your mind's eye, YOU living the goal. Seeing and hearing and feeling what you will see, hear and feel when the goal is being achieved. See the steps you must have taken to achieve the goal. Notice how good you feel. Breathe it in and feel even better about it. Do this regularly - several times a day. It will rapidly build a powerful association in your subconscious mind between the goal and the good feelings and then you will begin to find that the subconscious begins to find ways to make the good feelings happen and the goal to be achieved. Don't stop there. Keep reviewing your progress. Keep looking for other, newer ways to be even better, and to feel even better about being better. In fact, don't wait until new year for the next step, plan time - just a few minutes - every day to spend visualising all the great things you want to do in your life. It makes sense to keep an eye on the road and to be thinking about the destination - unless you want to end up in the ditch! You will be amazed at the difference this process will make in your life if you do it regularly. So start by visualising yourself doing it....................... :)

A great resource is Brian Colbert's excellent book "From Ordinary to Extraordinary"  which will give you much more detailed instructions than are possible in this short blog post. It also includes a hypnotic CD recording to help you program the concepts into your deeper mind. Even better is to book a couple of sessions with an NLP Mind Coach. Nothing beats one-to-one coaching with a skilled mind programmer! It could be the best investment you ever make.

If you are in travelling distance of Cork, appointments are available Monday to Friday between 10am until 8pm. Contact me on 021 487 6072 and book now! For people elsewhere in the country (or world!) find details of an accredited coach near you by contacting the Irish Institute of NLP on 01 490 2923.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Hypnotherapy or electronic cigarettes?

Planning on giving up smoking in the New Year? Most people are successful in only one session of Hypnotherapy and NLP. If you need a second session, it's free of charge. And there are no side effects, and no need to keep using expensive (and toxic) nicotine replacement preparations.

E-cigarettes may be the current fad, but why replace a reliance on tobacco with a reliance on an equally unhealthy and expensive product? Why not just get rid of the habit for good?

American research has shown that e-cigarette users are inhaling even more toxins than those smoking cigarettes.

Book your hypnotherapy session now and save €50 on the usual price during December 2013.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

New Year No Fear

Do you have a friend or relative you suffers from a phobia? An irrational fear of anything can literally ruin one's life. The strategies of avoidance becomes a dominant fact of everyday living. But help is at hand, and the answer is easier than most people suspect.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) has an excellent track record in the rapid removal of phobias. In most cases a single session is all that is required. Whether it is spiders, mice, snakes, dogs, flying or the most common of all - public speaking; NLP coaching makes a real and surprisingly speedy difference to the quality of life of the former sufferer. Thousands of phobics have been successfully treated by NLP practitioners since the techniques were first developed in the 1970's.

If you are in the Munster area, sessions are available at my clinic in Cork City. Phone 021 487 6072 to book an appointment. Elsewhere in the country (and indeed, worldwide) the Irish Institute of NLP can recommend a coach near to where you live. They can be contacted via their website (click here)

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A time of Peace and Goodwill?

It's the most wonderful time of the year, or so the song says. And if that's true for you then you can be sure to enjoy the magic of the Christmas season. Sadly, many people are unable to enjoy the holiday season for a variety of reasons. Increasingly the cost of Christmas is becoming overwhelming for many, both financially and in terms of mental and physical health. Have you ever considered what makes Christmas special for you? Is it the hangover, or maybe the bloated feeling after the 8000 calories we are estimated to binge through on the day? It surely isn't the January credit card bills? The financial and body weight cost of the festive blow-out can take until Easter to get rid of!

There is no need to give in to the advertising pressure and spend money you don't have on things nobody needs or indeed truly wants. If you want some tips on cutting back on the over-indulgence and putting some of the magic into a truly memorable Christmas (memorable for the right reasons!) have a look at this web site You could also take some time to think about what really makes you and your family happy - and plan more of it for the holiday period. Quality time together, a walk on the beach with the dog or whatever brings peace and goodwill to you. An ideal gift could well be a copy of Brian Colbert's excellent book "The Happiness Habit" which gives practical guidelines for identifying what is really important in your life and installing more and more of it into your daily routine. A session with an accredited NLP coach or therapist will help you significantly and speedily understand your values, get rid of what holds you back, and experience some genuine peace and goodwill, not just at Christmas, but for life.

Have a Merry Christmas by all means, but above all, have a Happy Christmas.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Stop Smoking at a special price in December 2013

Stop smoking therapy is being offered at a reduced price of €200 (normally €250) during the month of December 2013. Gift vouchers are available at that price too, and can be redeemed at any later date, so why not treat a friend or relation to the gift of a smoke-free and healthy new year in 2014?

More details are to be found on the website or by phoning 021 487 6072

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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Is anxiety something to worry about?

With thanks to anxietyandstress.com
It is a sad fact that the lives of so many people are filled with worry. Constantly repeating internal movies of events past, or disaster imagined in the future are a certain recipe for stress, and eventual depression. 

Happily, there is an answer. Please check this article on anxiety disorders, from my website at Riverside Hypnotherapy Clinic. It explains the different types of anxiety disorder, and the methods used to eliminate them. You will be surprised just how easy it can be to stop worrying and start enjoying your life.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Can you afford to give up smoking? Can you afford not to?

People often question the cost of hypnotherapy to stop smoking. €250 seems a lot of money to spend on anything in the present economic climate. So – what do you get for your money? Every smoking cessation session is tailored to the particular needs of the individual client. It is geared to identifying the particular good feeling that each smoker accesses when they indulge the habit, and then teaching a simple technique that allows them to access the same feeling, only without a cigarette.

This process is reinforced by a hypnotic session of about 30 minutes duration which is recorded live onto a personalised CD for the client to take away. The repeated suggestions on the recording quickly install the new habit in the subconscious mind over the next few days and the job is done. A free second session is included as part of the therapy, if the client should ever feel they need it. There is no time limit placed on this. Interestingly, at the time of writing, the uptake for second sessions is only about 1 in 17 people, which implies a good success rate. 

Certainly it is much more successful than the popular method of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), usually in the form of chewing gum, patches or inhaler devices. In clinical trials the success rate with NRT was only 6.75%. This was about twice the success rate of the control group who were given a placebo (unmedicated gum or patches).It is usually recommended to use NRT for three months.  At a cost of about €25 per week this equates to €325 for your 6.75% chance of success!

The other alternative is the prescription drug Varenelicline (“Champix”) which is not without side-effects. At the time of writing, this costs about €94 per month on private prescription in addition to the consultation fee charged by your family doctor. So, once again the cost for three months therapy is about €350. Success rates in clinical trials were 19%

Of course the final alternative is to not give up at all! The health hazards of smoking are very well known and well documented, but the financial cost is high too. Take a look at the table and do the maths. How soon could you have that item you desire; that holiday, car, iPad or whatever?  And if you keep smoking until age 70, if you are lucky enough to last that long, how much will it cost you? What could you buy with that money? What could you do with those extra years and that extra money?

Find out more by visiting the Riverside Hypnotherapy Clinic website or the article on stopping smoking at this link. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk about your own individual smoking habit. If you want to stop, I can help you make it happen.

Thursday, 5 September 2013


hypnotherapy and NLP to treat depression
When you are feeling low, friends and family will do their best to lift your spirits. 'Cheer up'. 'Things could be worse'. 'Think of all those worse off than you'. 'You should count your blessings'. If only it was that easy. I would if I could! I want to show you that you can

It is not a conscious choice to feel bad and unfortunately it is not a conscious choice to feel better either. Something has to change at a much deeper level. That deeper level is in the subconscious mind, and the keys to the subconscious mind are hypnotherapy and NLP.

If you suffer from depression, or know someone who does, please take some time to investigate my articles on the treatment of depression and on the workings of the subconscious mind. You can find them by following the highlighted links or by browsing my clinic website (Riverside Hypnotherapy Clinic).

Depression is treatable. I know that from my own personal experience as a former sufferer. Anti-depressant medication can help to relieve symptoms but I have yet to meet someone who was cured by them. The cure lies in learning to think differently - at a subconscious level. That's why hypnotherapy and NLP work. That's why I can help.

Feel free to contact me and make an appointment for a free, introductory consultation. 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching in Cork City

Please check out my web site for information and articles about hypnotherapy and NLP coaching in Cork City. You can search the site and discover how hypnotherapy and NLP can help you achieve what you desire in life. You could also use the contact form to book a free introductory chat and learn about analytical hypnotherapy and virtual gastric band treatment for weight loss.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Year New Start; don't just think it - MAKE IT SO!


Achieving the changes you desire and require in your life calls for more than crossing your fingers and wishing. An NLP mind coach can help you install the mental strategies needed to achieve your goals, and even to have fun while you are doing it.


So whether you want to boost your business or maybe your confidence; stop smoking or improve your eating habits; or just find time to relax and learn to live stress free feel free to give me a call on 021 487 6072 or check my website by clicking here.

More details about NLP and lots more great resources are to be found at the Irish Institute of NLP website here.