Thursday, 12 December 2013

New Year No Fear

Do you have a friend or relative you suffers from a phobia? An irrational fear of anything can literally ruin one's life. The strategies of avoidance becomes a dominant fact of everyday living. But help is at hand, and the answer is easier than most people suspect.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) has an excellent track record in the rapid removal of phobias. In most cases a single session is all that is required. Whether it is spiders, mice, snakes, dogs, flying or the most common of all - public speaking; NLP coaching makes a real and surprisingly speedy difference to the quality of life of the former sufferer. Thousands of phobics have been successfully treated by NLP practitioners since the techniques were first developed in the 1970's.

If you are in the Munster area, sessions are available at my clinic in Cork City. Phone 021 487 6072 to book an appointment. Elsewhere in the country (and indeed, worldwide) the Irish Institute of NLP can recommend a coach near to where you live. They can be contacted via their website (click here)