Thursday, 15 May 2014

Love your job?

If you find yourself stuck in a job that gives you no joy it can be difficult to even see the possibility of how to change it. A good salary doesn't make a bad job any more pleasant - golden handcuffs are no more comfortable than steel ones!

Brian Colbert's Book "The Happiness Habit" opens the door to discovering what truly makes you happy in life and shines a light on the road towards making happiness a part of your everyday life. It shows you how to overcome the mental obstacles to freedom and actually begin to get off your butt, out of your rut and travelling that road. The book has been adopted as the coaching manual for the Irish Institute of NLP, and the weekend training based on the book is now the foundation level for membership of the International Association of Mind Coaches and the Diploma in Mind Coaching.

So if you are interested in living life the way YOU want to live it, and not the way someone else makes you live it, take a look at the book and the training. Because it really could change your life. The training is available as weekend workshops and as a set of one-to-one coaching sessions.

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