Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Cost effective treatment

On the face of it, therapy is a large investment. Hypno-psychotherapists typically charge between €80 and €100 per session. Is that good value for money? I would argue that it is, not only because it works, but because it works much more quickly then conventional psychotherapy, counselling or GP prescribed medication.

In Ireland, the average cost of a visit to the family doctor is estimated to be around €46, for a consultation of around ten minutes duration. A brief visit such as this is generally insufficient to investigate the symptoms of any emotional condition such as depression or generalised anxiety syndrome, or to measure the patient's progress since the last consultation. Then there is the subsequent cost of the prescribed medication (up to €144 per month) and the fact that anxiolytics, such as Xanax or Diazepam, and anti-depressant medicines only deal with the symptoms of the condition and not the underlying cause. In 30 years of practice as a pharmacist I saw little evidence of anyone permanently defeating depression or anxiety simply by taking medication.

Conventional psychotherapists and counsellors tend to charge less per session than hypno-psychotherapists do, but unfortunately both approaches take many more sessions to effect a cure. The very fact that hypnosis is used means that the subconscious mind is more readily accessed and the root cause of the clients difficulties found and dealt with much more quickly.

Before embarking on a course of treatment, it makes sense to ask how long it is likely to take, how much it is likely to cost, and how likely it is to work. Ask your potential therapist for a free introductory consultation to find out more about what they do and how they do it. It should take only about 40 minutes or so. You can get all your questions answered and also get to meet the person you will be investing in.

You can find out more about the treatments I offer on my web site or make your free appointment by calling 021 487 6072.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Professionalism and ethics

Hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and counselling are unregulated professions in Ireland and in many other countries too. Mainstream practitioners like doctors, pharmacists and dentists are regulated by the state. Their professional qualifications, codes of ethics and continuing fitness to practice are constantly under scrutiny by a regulatory body. As this process does not yet apply to the world of therapy and counselling, how sure can you be that the therapist you are considering using is both competent and professional?

Anyone can cover their website with glowing testimonials from past clients, whether real or imagined. Anyone can claim to be the "leading" therapist in their area or field. As guidelines, these are meaningless. If you are concerned (and you should be) about your potential therapist's ethics, training and professionalism the best thing to do is look a little bit below the surface. What is their background? What training have they received? How experienced are they? Most importantly perhaps, what professional bodies do they belong too? Professional memberships give a better clue into the true worth of the therapist.

Have a look at the professional body's web site and check:

  • Is it just a list of therapists' names or is there an actual organisation behind it? If all you have to do to join is to fill in an online form it is completely meaningless.
  • What qualifications are needed to become a member?
  • What is its code of ethics? Download it and read it.
  • Does it have a policy for members working with children?
  • Is there a complaints procedure?
  • What is the policy on continued education?
  • What is the policy on supervision? Supervision is of VITAL importance to therapists, counsellors and those working any psychological issues, ensuring their continued fitness to practice and providing essential protection to members of the public.
In the absence of statutory regulation, the best and safest option is to look for a therapist who is a member of a body which is providing its own internal regulation in the areas mentioned above, and preferably is co-operating with other organisations in working towards a framework of eventual statutory regulation.

Most important of all, before undertaking therapy, speak to the therapist! Booking online without making at least verbal contact by telephone is a leap in the dark. You need to be sure you are comfortable working with the person before you start. Anyone thinking of embarking on a course of psychotherapy should seek a free introductory consultation and find out exactly what is involved, how long it is likely to take, and what the costs are likely to be.

My own background and memberships can be found on my website. If you want to talk to me, just call 021 487 6072 to find out more about how therapy can help you.

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Time to think

Summer holidays are about getting away from it all. It is a wonderful feeling to empty the mind and just enjoy relaxing in the mental space that appears when everyday life is hundreds of miles away. Sometimes, however, the mind does find itself drifting back to life, work, the universe and everything and there is something of a sense of wanting to get priorities right and maybe do things a bit differently "when I get back home". Projects that have been on the back burner are mentally dusted off and vague plans for actually implementing them drift into view. Sadly, for most people it takes about three days back in the old routine until the plans disappear once again into the back of the mind - until next year's holiday!

So if this happens to you, why not grab a piece of paper and jot the ideas down as they come to you and then just get on with enjoying your holiday? When you get back, the first item on your list should be "Book a Coaching Session". One session is all it needs to start organising your life, and getting done those things which are important to you. It might mean you get to spend more time doing what you enjoy, with the people you love and less time getting stressed out and counting the days to the next holiday.

Or you could just do it now by calling 021 487 6072. Does that sound like a plan?

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Web site re-launched!

After two weeks working up to my elbows in HTML and Javascript I am happy to announce that my new website is up and running, with a brighter and more modern design. Navigation of the site is now a lot easier, with direct links from the main menu to various articles about hypnotherapy, NLP mindcoaching, and the many problems they are used to help defeat. I hope you will take time to check it out and maybe share the link with any of your friends who you think may benefit from the services offered!