Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Cost effective treatment

On the face of it, therapy is a large investment. Hypno-psychotherapists typically charge between €80 and €100 per session. Is that good value for money? I would argue that it is, not only because it works, but because it works much more quickly then conventional psychotherapy, counselling or GP prescribed medication.

In Ireland, the average cost of a visit to the family doctor is estimated to be around €46, for a consultation of around ten minutes duration. A brief visit such as this is generally insufficient to investigate the symptoms of any emotional condition such as depression or generalised anxiety syndrome, or to measure the patient's progress since the last consultation. Then there is the subsequent cost of the prescribed medication (up to €144 per month) and the fact that anxiolytics, such as Xanax or Diazepam, and anti-depressant medicines only deal with the symptoms of the condition and not the underlying cause. In 30 years of practice as a pharmacist I saw little evidence of anyone permanently defeating depression or anxiety simply by taking medication.

Conventional psychotherapists and counsellors tend to charge less per session than hypno-psychotherapists do, but unfortunately both approaches take many more sessions to effect a cure. The very fact that hypnosis is used means that the subconscious mind is more readily accessed and the root cause of the clients difficulties found and dealt with much more quickly.

Before embarking on a course of treatment, it makes sense to ask how long it is likely to take, how much it is likely to cost, and how likely it is to work. Ask your potential therapist for a free introductory consultation to find out more about what they do and how they do it. It should take only about 40 minutes or so. You can get all your questions answered and also get to meet the person you will be investing in.

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