Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Time to think

Summer holidays are about getting away from it all. It is a wonderful feeling to empty the mind and just enjoy relaxing in the mental space that appears when everyday life is hundreds of miles away. Sometimes, however, the mind does find itself drifting back to life, work, the universe and everything and there is something of a sense of wanting to get priorities right and maybe do things a bit differently "when I get back home". Projects that have been on the back burner are mentally dusted off and vague plans for actually implementing them drift into view. Sadly, for most people it takes about three days back in the old routine until the plans disappear once again into the back of the mind - until next year's holiday!

So if this happens to you, why not grab a piece of paper and jot the ideas down as they come to you and then just get on with enjoying your holiday? When you get back, the first item on your list should be "Book a Coaching Session". One session is all it needs to start organising your life, and getting done those things which are important to you. It might mean you get to spend more time doing what you enjoy, with the people you love and less time getting stressed out and counting the days to the next holiday.

Or you could just do it now by calling 021 487 6072. Does that sound like a plan?

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