Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Oral habits

It is curious that so many unwanted habits are oral in nature; thumb sucking. nail biting, smoking and of course comfort eating to name just a few. Sigmund Freud was one of the first to notice the apparent connection between a feeling of comfort and the presence of something in the mouth. It seems to be one of the earliest learned triggers, and it is fairly easy to see where it starts - a baby who cries, or expresses discomfort in some way soon gets a bottle, breast or maybe a soother placed in his or her mouth. The human infant rapidly begins to associate comfort with the oral stimulus. The process is reinforced throughout childhood. How often are children rewarded for good behaviour or consoled through difficult times by means of chocolate, crisps, ice cream or similar?

Fortunately NLP and hypnosis can give us the antidote. The subconscious mind can be taught quite quickly to break the connection between oral stimulus and comfort. The "comfort" feeling is simultaneously installed and attached to a different, harmless habit and the old unwanted one is gone. Sometimes additional regression work needs to be done to find the deeper reason for the discomfort occurring in the first place, typically where a lot of anxiety is present, but this is not usually the case for most smokers and nail biters.

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