Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Something to look forward to

Looking back and asking "why" is a sure-fire shortcut to feeling bad about yourself. The past is done, and if it didn't quite go according to plan - well, of course that happens to everyone. A wise person learns from their mistakes and looks forward to improving next time. That way there is no such thing as failure, only opportunities from which to learn.

Having something to look forward to is an easy way to feel happier, whether at work or at home. Instead of dreading doing a task, try looking forward to how great you will feel when the task is finished! Promise yourself a reward when it's done. It might only be something small, but it's something to look forward to - and that keeps you going! In the short term you can look forward to your comfortable chair, to putting your slippers on, to the Friday feeling, to seeing the kids smiling when you get home. Longer term, look forward to the next holiday, to Christmas, to finishing a project and feeling good about it. 

Always have something special to look forward to. If you're feeling a bit stuck in a rut, plan a weekend away (and look forward to planning it!) or maybe just a shopping trip or a visit to the cinema. Then put it in your calendar. Whatever your interests are - put them in your calendar too. Sports fixtures, concerts, exhibitions, festivals, launch date of a new book or movie, new series of your favourite TV programme - all these things fill your future with possibilities for pleasant experiences. You might not get to do them all, but there is pleasure in looking forward to them too - and then again, why not?

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