Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year Motivation

How was 2014 for you? How much of what you planned for the year was actually achieved? How many of the things you wanted to happen in 2014 are still on 2015's "to do" list? And do you want to be looking at the same list in 2015? Whether it's a personal goal, a health goal, simply the re-programming of an unwanted habit or the all-important business plan for the new year, NLP mind coaching is the effective way to ensure that 2015 is the year it happens for you the way you want it to.

In a previous post, I likened the processes of the subconscious mind to a satellite navigation device. It knows where you are right now, and that you want to be somewhere else. If you give it a clear instruction for where you want to be, it can show you the best way to get there. Of course, a satellite navigator won't drive you to your destination! You have to do that yourself. Motivation is the fuel you need to drive the process.

To feel motivated about a goal it needs to be attractive. NLP mind coaching helps you formulate goals that are irresistibly desirable, and shows you how to keep yourself motivated towards them. It will align your goals to your values - those things in life that are most important to you, and are unique to you. If your life is lived to your values, rather than someone else's, it cannot fail to be happy and fulfilling.

Keeping an eye on your progress is also important if you are to arrive at your destination on time. Sometimes it is necessary to make adjustments to the route or speed, and maybe stop from time to time to re-fuel! Regular coaching sessions to keep you on course are a worthwhile investment, particularly in the business world where the priorities are often rapidly changing.

If you want to start living your dream instead of wishing another year away, have a look at my web site for more information; or better still, give me a ring on 021 487 6072 and we can start to install your perfect strategy for a fulfilling 2015.