Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Slimming for summer

Once the triple whammy of over indulgence that is St Patrick's Day, Mother's Day and Easter is safely behind us, thoughts may be turning towards the summer holidays and the annual weight loss season!

Work this out before you work out

  • One portion of Tesco lasagne (560 cal): 45 minutes of spinning
  • One slice of Domino's pepperoni pizza (198 cal): 45 minutes of swimming
  • Chocolate-chip muffin (476 cal): 58 minutes of climbing
  • Packet of cheese and onion crisps (184 cal): 35 minutes of frisbee
  • Subway tuna wrap (310 cal): 1 hour and 10 minutes of body pump
  • Bacon sandwich on white bread (430 cal): 58 minutes of football
  • Ham and cheese toastie (436 cal): 1 hour and 30 minutes of netball
  • Granny Smith apple (62 cal): 15 minutes of weightlifting
  • M&S hot cross bun (159 cal): 20 minutes of skipping
  • Mars bar (280 cal): 50 minutes of aqua aerobics

It's easier to get slimmer and stay slimmer by controlling your eating than it is by working it off. By using hypnosis and NLP it is possible to re-educate the mind to be happier with smaller portions of food, so that you take on board only the food you need to fuel your body.

Find out more on my website or by calling 021 487 6072. This is not a miracle cure. Dedication is needed, but hypnosis makes that easier than many people think,