Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The "vaping" craze

During over eight years of helping people stop smoking using hypnosis and NLP I have noticed that there is a similarity in the way people start with the habit in the first place. In the vast majority of cases it starts in the early teen years, and the reason is almost always the same - their friends were doing it, or older kids were, and that familiar teenage need to not be different from everyone else meant they had to do it too. I often think it's a pity that no-one realises that the "cool" people being emulated probably started smoking for the very same reasons when they were younger and more insecure! So, actually it is a childish habit, not a "grown-up" one.

In view of this, maybe it is not really surprising how the "vaping" craze has accelerated so spectacularly. Tobacco products are not allowed to be advertised any more, but suddenly bright and colourful e-cigarette shops are appearing on every shopping street as businesses realise there is still easy money to be made from the former tobacco market - not only from smokers wanting to give up, but by the young and impressionable who want to be a part of the latest and coolest fashion. Sell someone a habit and you have a customer for life.

An article in yesterday's Independent newspaper highlights the fact that the drug companies are now becoming interested in the vaping market. This is a sure sign that there is big money to be made, indeed the global market is estimated to be US€6 billion per year. The article, written by academics from the University of Warwick, also casts doubts on the efficacy of e-cigarettes in helping a patient stop smoking. To me, this is not surprising; after all, a paper in the British Medical Journal concluded that nicotine replacement therapy - that is, the old style chewing gum and patches - was considered "successful" being 6.75% more effective than placebo. Vaping is only another form of "nicotine replacement" so there is no reason to assume it will be any more effective. 

If 6.75% is considered a successful improvement then hypnotherapy combined with NLP must surely be a minor miracle! I know of no other method that is as effective and as rapid. The majority of people are smoke-free after one session, and relaxed about it too. Cravings gone, habit gone, and no need to keep buying a replacement product to feed a replacement habit!

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