Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Talk to me!

I always speak personally to new clients before they start therapy or coaching. Not all therapists do this, but I believe it is essential that every potential client has a good understanding of what to expect from their time with me. This is the reason I do not use online booking agencies. I want to be sure that my customer knows what they are buying, that their expectations are realistic, and that I am the right person to help them achieve those expectations.

In some cases, a telephone chat is all that is needed to answer any questions and to explain how the process is likely to work. Typically people looking for coaching, or to remove a habit or a phobia would fall into this category. These are problems that are normally dealt with in a single session.

If treatment is likely to be longer, the potential client really deserves a face to face meeting to explain exactly into what they are investing their time, money and emotions. This is why I offer a free introductory consultation to persons interested in therapy for anxiety conditions, panic attacks, depression and weight loss. It gives you a chance to meet me and decide if you are comfortable working with me. It gives me a chance to explain the process, what it might feel like, and to answer any questions regarding it.

So if you wish to talk to me, just pick up the phone....

021 487 6072